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Business projects

Under supervision of OJSC IMC “FiBr” Management Company, there are the following three scientific-production firms:
A team of the project realises a patent development in creation of an effective filter for water purification from viruses and microbes.
Recently the company has celebrated its first anniversary.
Annual results of its work:
- adjusted technological process scheme;
- positive results of the certified laboratories;
- cooperation with national and foreign partners.
Innovation Company OJSC SPC “FiBr-Med” develops and implements oncodrugs of veterinary and medical purpose. At present, we conduct clinical trials of “Silverol®” in veterinary sector. We conduct trials of the drug as a preparation for treatment and prophylaxis of virus leucosis among cattle together with the Department of agriculture of Tula region and in Stavropol Territory. The experiment conducted on ill animals, leukocytes and lymphocytes level controlled with use of haematological analysis showed positive dynamics definitely. Specialists in veterinary medicine and oncology recommend promoting “Silverol®” to medical oncologic practice.   
Project “Production of fine-grained polymericpowders” started at the end of May, 2006. The aim of the project is to develop and implement a technology of anticorrosive coat production by means of coating with finely dispersed polymeric powders in electrostatic field.
Experimental-industrial area is located in Dolgoprudny town. An ideological insperior and developer of the technology supervise it. 


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