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Results of BIT Siberia 2010

February 11 – BIT Siberia 2010 has finished, with the Final competition held in Krasnoyarsk on the opening day of the VII Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. The 18 finalist-teams represented five Siberian cities of Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Lesosibirsk. In its third season BIT Siberia has been once again supported by such major companies as the Russian Venture Company and Microsoft Russia. Moreover, BIT Siberia 2010 has obtained from the MICEX Stock Exchange. This wide support demonstrates that BIT Siberia is gaining wider recognition and support outside of Siberia as an important phase in development of the innovations infrastructure in Russia.

The first prize of BIT Siberia 2010 went to a Tomsk team with their project “SILVEROL® - The new silver-based veterinary drug”. The second and third runners-up were Krasnoyarsk teams with their projects “KEDR – your desktop microcosm” and “Heating of nonferrous metals”, respectively.

The winner will be awarded with the prize in the amount of 250 000 rubles. The second and third runners-up will receive 75 000 rubles each. The prize money will be paid in two stages: 70% in cash, 30% by services.

In addition, the MICEX Stock Exchange has presented a Tomsk team of the “Surface alloys formation” project with a special General Sponsor prize.

The winner automatically qualifies to the final of the BIT competition in Moscow, while the second and third runners-up will have a change to compete in the semifinal and present their projects to representatives of the major Russian and foreign venture funds and investment companies.

The jury of BIT Siberia 2010 includes over 30 representatives of sponsor organizations, financial companies and funds, management of innovation companies of Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. Among the guests were: Nikolay Pryanishnikov (Microsoft Russia), Evgeny Ellinsky (MICEX), Vadim Kulikov (Kulikov Innovation Center), Evgeny Savin (BIT), Ilya Zhegulev (Forbes).

The Final competition of BIT Siberia 2010 is just the start of a pathway to success for the participants who from now on will have to do their best in order to develop their ideas into successful business.



Russian Venture Company, MICEX Stock Exchange, Investment-and-Financing Company Samotlor-Invest, Microsoft

Supported by:

Government of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Government of Krasnoyarsk, Government of Tomsk Oblast, Government of Tomsk, FASIE, State Research Institute of System Analysis under the Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation, SibSUTIS

Educational partners:

Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, TPU, TUSUR, TSU Psychology Department

Media Support:

Expert-Siberia, Tomski Obzor news portal, Analitika, Tomsky Vestnik, Tomskinvest news portal, Echo of Moscow in Tomsk, Territoriya Intellecta magazine, Focus Group

Organized by:

Siberian Federal University, Youth Business School, OJSC IMC FiBr, Krasnoyarsk Innovation-and-Technology Business-Incubator

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  • Interview with Nikolay Badulin for Delovoy Kvartal, No. 18 (145), September 13, 2010
  • April 8 – The MICEX Finance Forum 2010 was held in Moscow with finalists of BIT Siberia 2010 presenting their project as part of the program.
  • January 15 – The coordination committee of BIT Siberia 2010 approves the list of the 17 projects which qualify for the final competition.
  • Friday, November 18 – OJSC IMC FiBr and MICEX Stock Exchange has signed the Sponsorship contract for the Business of Innovation and Technology in Siberia competition. The MICEX Stock Exchange will be supporting the competition as the Title Sponsor.
  • Four Tomsk companies have qualified to present during the Russian Tech Tour session in Tomsk on September 25.
  • “One cannot invest from afar without knowing the local culture” – this principle is fundamental for the European Tech Tour. This and many other issues were discussed today in the Government of Tomsk Region during the meeting with Sven Lingjaerde, the President of the European Tech Tour Association.
  • Today results of judiciary voting in the Russia-wide Business of Innovative Technologies competition were announced. Thus was determined the list of finalists.
  • The second part of the educational program of “Business of Innovative Technologies in Siberia 2009” is starting on April 11 in Tomsk.
  • The “Iron Entrepreneur” series of games has come to an end. The last of them was held in Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.
  • The “Iron Entrepreneur” business game was held in the Center for Development of Innovation Competence in Novosibirsk last weekend. Next stop is Krasnoyarsk!
  • The list of finalist teams will be published on March 30.
  • Group of Companies “INTALEV” will be holding Management forum “The period of change: searching for new solutions” in Tomsk on April 2.
  • Judges start their work on March 18.
  • Two lectures in “Development of a marketing plan” will be held on March 10 and 13. The author is Felix Katzman.
  • The lecture on “Basics of financial decision-making” will be held on March 7 at 16.00. Its author is Mikhail Kaz. The lecture will be held within the framework of the “BIT Siberia 2009” educational program.
  • The management-and-action game “Effective entrepreneurship: resources and potential” was held within the framework of “BIT Siberia 2009”.
  • Is there a universal solution for any problem? In his lecture on system analysis, which was held in the TUSUR Student Business-Incubator “Druzhba” on February 25, Felix Tarasenko answered this question. The lecture has been held within the framework of the educational program of the “Business of Innovative Technologies in Siberia 2009” competition.
  • The management-and-action game “Effective entrepreneurship: resources and potential” will be held in the Student Business-Incubator “Druzhba” (147 Krasnoarmeiskaya st., room 106) on February, 28 at 10.30.
  • The lecture on “System analysis” will be held in the TUSUR Student Business-Incubator “Druzhba” (147 Krasnoarmeiskaya st., room 106) on February, 25 at 17.30. The lecture is a part of the open educational program of “BIT Siberia 2009”.
  • The “Your own startup” lecture by Tatiana Sokolnikova was held in the TUSUR Student Business-Incubator “Druzhba” on February, 21.
  • The “Your own startup” lecture will be held in the Business-Incubator “Druzhba” on February, 21 at 12.00.
  • The lecture on “Enhancing investment attractiveness of a project by means of intellectual property protection” will be held in Wednesday, February, 18.
  • How should a million rubles be spent? Last weekend participants of a seminar on “Strategies of decision-making and negotiating” tried to answer this question. The seminar was held within the framework of the educational program of “BIT Siberia 2009”.
  • On February, 26 the Business-Leaders Investment Forum will be held in business center “GRINVICH”, officially supported by the London Stock Exchange, Novosibirsk Region Administration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • On-line conference with Nikolay Badulin, the General Director of OJSC IMC “FiBr”, on the NGS.ru site will be held on February, 12 at 12.00.
  • Nikolay Badulin, the General Director of OJSC IMC “FiBr”, has joined the Selecting Committee of the second Russian Tech Tour which is to be held in Russia in September-October 2009. Tomsk is a candidate city to be a ground for selection of the best projects for investments.
  • The seminar on “Strategies of decision-making and negotiating” will be held on February, 14 at 14.00. The venue is the Student Business Incubator “Druzhba”
  • “Innovation enterprise: attracting investment” was the theme of the first lecture within the framework of the educational program of the “Business of Innovative Technologies in Siberia 2009” competition. The lecture was held in the Student Business Incubator “Druzhba”.
  • “Innovation enterprise: attracting investment” will be the theme of the first lecture which will be delivered on February 7, 2009 in Tomsk. The lecture will open the first stage of the educational program of the “BIT Siberia 2009” competition.
  • President of the American “5iTech” company Leon Polott, who deals with the problem of commercialization of innovation technologies, will be working in Tomsk for a few days.
  • Regional fair “Business services for the entrepreneurs of Tomsk region” will take place on 27 November in Entertaining Center “Fackel”
  • Two our projects - OJS Research & Production Companies «FiBr-Med» and “FiBr-A” – were estimated at their true worth and included into the reference book of “II Moscow Open Competition of Social and Innovative Projects for the Moscow citizens’ health”.
  • The Competition’s committee meeting took place on the 5 of November. JSC “FiBr” was chosen as the winner of “Delivery and supply of licensed software product for business-planning and investment analysis - Project Expert 7 Professional or analogue” competititon.
    Tomsk Politechnical University announced this competition in the framework of Innovative Educational Program 2007-2008.
    Till the end of November JSC “FiBr” will deliver Net-versions of “Project Expert 7 Professional” and “Project Expert 7.21 Holding”, and, moreover, the educational version of “Project Expert” for 40 computers of Tomsk Politechnical University.
  • Chairman of the Board of directors of OJSC IMC “FiBr”, Nikolay A. Badulin, is taking part in the third annual technology investment conference Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD-2007) and the 1st US-Russian Business Angel Symposium – Boston Region Open Doors.
  • 11 Centers of small-scale enterprises’ Support all around Tomsk region are buying a software product from JSC “FiBr”.
  • On October 31 the third MARCHMONT'S Investment Guide to Russia was presented in Novosibirsk-an important step on the way to present investing potential of Tomsk region to the world community.
  • Company "FiBrA" takes part in annual International specialized exhibition "FiltSep / Equipment and technologies for filtration and separation". Company's products for the water purification will be presented there. We welcome you to our stand C 1113, pavilion 11, Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center, Moscow.
  • JSC "FiBr" will choose the projects for investments of “Marchmont Capital Partners”, act for this fund and make bargain on the territory of Tomsk region.
  • The preparation of documents for patenting of a way of treatment with application of the preparations of medicinal and veterinary purpose developed in our company begun.
  • On July, 10-11th the Second District Venture Fair took place in Kazan in which the companies working in sphere of hi-tech business, representatives of the government and Venture investors have taken part.
  • Representatives of the regional Centers of support of business of Tomsk area have taken part in seminars.
  • The given tests spent in the Blohin Russian oncological science centre of Russian Academy of Medical Science and the Kovalenko Russian scientific research institute of experimental veterinary science, will allow to receive a number of the additional documents confirming antileukemic, antineoplastic and antibacterial activity of a preparation.
  • Production of company "FiBrA" has received a high estimation of participants and visitors of an exhibition. On results of work of an exhibition the directory in which the most interesting and perspective projects have been presented. Their number included also the project "FiBrA" which has presented a direction of a filtration of water.

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