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  • Regional fair “Business services for the entrepreneurs of Tomsk region” will take place on 27 November in Entertaining Center “Fackel”
  • Two our projects - OJS Research & Production Companies «FiBr-Med» and “FiBr-A” – were estimated at their true worth and included into the reference book of “II Moscow Open Competition of Social and Innovative Projects for the Moscow citizens’ health”.
  • The Competition’s committee meeting took place on the 5 of November. JSC “FiBr” was chosen as the winner of “Delivery and supply of licensed software product for business-planning and investment analysis - Project Expert 7 Professional or analogue” competititon.
    Tomsk Politechnical University announced this competition in the framework of Innovative Educational Program 2007-2008.
    Till the end of November JSC “FiBr” will deliver Net-versions of “Project Expert 7 Professional” and “Project Expert 7.21 Holding”, and, moreover, the educational version of “Project Expert” for 40 computers of Tomsk Politechnical University.
  • Chairman of the Board of directors of OJSC IMC “FiBr”, Nikolay A. Badulin, is taking part in the third annual technology investment conference Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD-2007) and the 1st US-Russian Business Angel Symposium – Boston Region Open Doors.
  • 11 Centers of small-scale enterprises’ Support all around Tomsk region are buying a software product from JSC “FiBr”.
  • On October 31 the third MARCHMONT'S Investment Guide to Russia was presented in Novosibirsk-an important step on the way to present investing potential of Tomsk region to the world community.
  • Company "FiBrA" takes part in annual International specialized exhibition "FiltSep / Equipment and technologies for filtration and separation". Company's products for the water purification will be presented there. We welcome you to our stand C 1113, pavilion 11, Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center, Moscow.
  • JSC "FiBr" will choose the projects for investments of “Marchmont Capital Partners”, act for this fund and make bargain on the territory of Tomsk region.
  • The preparation of documents for patenting of a way of treatment with application of the preparations of medicinal and veterinary purpose developed in our company begun.
  • On July, 10-11th the Second District Venture Fair took place in Kazan in which the companies working in sphere of hi-tech business, representatives of the government and Venture investors have taken part.
  • Representatives of the regional Centers of support of business of Tomsk area have taken part in seminars.
  • The given tests spent in the Blohin Russian oncological science centre of Russian Academy of Medical Science and the Kovalenko Russian scientific research institute of experimental veterinary science, will allow to receive a number of the additional documents confirming antileukemic, antineoplastic and antibacterial activity of a preparation.
  • Production of company "FiBrA" has received a high estimation of participants and visitors of an exhibition. On results of work of an exhibition the directory in which the most interesting and perspective projects have been presented. Their number included also the project "FiBrA" which has presented a direction of a filtration of water.

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