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The key to any door

Is there a universal solution for any problem? In his lecture on system analysis, which was held in the TUSUR Student Business-Incubator “Druzhba” on February 25, Felix Tarasenko answered this question. The lecture has been held within the framework of the educational program of the “Business of Innovative Technologies in Siberia 2009” competition.

Mr. Tarasenko is a vocal promoter of a theory of applied system analysis. He believes that there is a general problem-solution algorithm and it does not depend on the nature of a problem. He has been working for many years to bring the idea to the audience.

“There are no problems around us, the source of all the problems lies within us”, Mr. Tarasenko says, quoting Professor Preobrazhensky from the satire story “Heart of a Dog” who used to say that “ruin is something that starts in people’s heads”. For this reason the lecturer has offered the audience a number of problem-solution methods which can be applied regardless of the nature of a problem.

Its simplicity and universalism make the approach easy to use in any situation and by any person. In this way Felix Tarasenko has provided lecture attendees with “the key” which can open any door, and it will be their personal choice whether to use it or not.