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FIBR GROUP. Новости.

BIT Siberia 2012 Final to be held on March 31

BIT Siberia 2012 has reached its highest point. This year its Final event will be hosted by Tomsk.


The Final will be held on March 31 in Dom Uchenykh (45 Sovetskaya st.).


Among the experts who are expected to form the jury are government officials, entrepreneurs and business-angels from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Baranul, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as representatives of our sponsors.


The 20 teams representing Tomsk, Baranul, Biisk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Mezhdurechensk and Shadrinsk will compete in the Final event are:


·         A-light concentrator. Technology for production of light concentrators, lighting and indicating installations (Vladislav Fyodorov, Barnaul)

·         Prism (Alexander Yefremov, Krasonyarsk)

·         Talgat Cloud (Alexander Melkozerov, Tomsk)

·         WiAuto – wireless lights control (Yuri Baranchugov, Barnaul)

·         Wish-Gift (Marina Bezdenezhnaya, Tomsk)

·         Easy-access video surveillance (Igor Peremitin, Tomsk)

·         Intellectual executive assistant (Stanislav Shapochkin, Krasnoyarsk)

·         ComPAS (Pavel Ivanov, Krasnoyarks)

·         Nano-pore sorbents for gas separation (Alexander Berveno, Kemerovo)

·         Buckthorn vinegar – the unique product of Altai (Yevgeny Batashov, Biisk)

·         Manufacture and market launch of natural Jerusalem-artichoke extract (Tatyana Anikienko, Krasnoyarsk)

·        Payment system for credit unions (Artyom Vasilchenko, Shadrinsk)

·         Ceramic welding (Alexei Zenin, Tomsk)

·         Ecology monitoring system for evaluation of environmental impact of gas pipes (Artur Bekerov, Tomsk)

·         New generation technology for torque transmission (Ruslan Privalikhin, Krasnoyarsk)

·         Ultrasonic equipment for aerosol suppression (Roman Golykh, Biisk)

·         Air filters (Dmitry Silin, Tomsk)

·         Phitolin (Mikhail Skaptsov, Barnaul)

·         Electromagnetic complex (Dmitry Ivanov, Krasnoyarsk)

·         Empat Agent (Yuri Salamatov, Krasnoyarsk)


The prize fund of BIT Siberia 2012 is 400 000 rubles.



BIT Siberia 2012 is sponsored by:

Russian Venture Company, Government of Tomsk Region, Government of Tomsk, Government of Altai Krai